Professional Recognition: William R. Bath, P.E.


Electrical connection system suitable for providing cathodic protection underwater

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Hydraulic excavation around a pipeline buried under shallow water

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Active Rigging Device

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New Techniques for Remote Underwater Bridge Inspection

National Research Board

Washington, D.C.

January 1993


Remote Controlled Tool Systems for Nuclear Sites have Subsea Applications

Presented At:

Underwater Intervention ’96 – Man & Machine Underwater

New Orleans, Louisiana

January 1996


Cascaded Manipulators for Long Reach Dexterity and High Capacity

Presented At:

American Nuclear Society 1991 Winter Meeting

San Francisco, California

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Portable Robot for Scour Survey below Highway Bridges

Presented At:

11th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC)

Brighton, U.K.

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Remotely Operated Mobil System Excavates Nuclear Waste

Presented At:

Fourteenth International Symposium on Automation & Robotics in Construction

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Telerobotic Tool System Refurbishes Doorways in Spent Fuel Pools

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American Nuclear Society Robotics and Remote Systems

Monterey, California

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A Progress Report on Telerobotic Remediation of a Hazardous RCRA Waste Site

Presented At:

The First International Design for Extreme Environments Assembly

Houston, Texas

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Magazine Articles:


Cutting Pipelines on the Seafloor with a Flexible Wire

Sea Technology

December 2002


Subsea Pipeline Repair without Environmental Damage

Published In:

Ocean News & Technology

March/April 2003


Source Magazine

April 2003